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Please participate in World Agriculture Congress (4th World Research Journals Congress) being organized by us at Timișoara, Romania from May 24 to May 26, 2018 in collaboration with Banat's University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I" of Romania and Research and Development Station for Bovine from Arad. Last date for registration is April 30, 2018

Paper Submission for Romania Congress 2018
For uploading the manuscript online for World Research Journals Congress, please go to our website www.worldresearchjournals.com

Please click the menu "Instructions". Please see that manuscript submitted by you is as per our standard format and as per Instructions to Authors. Delegates are requested to check the latest issue of any of our journals for format.

Follow the instructions and you can upload your paper online. Please submit manuscripts, tables, figures, references all together in one shot. References must be provided as per format. Surname (Family name) should be first followed by your first name. References must be in alphabetical order as per surname (family name) and their number should be quoted in the text.

If your uploading is successful, go to menu " paper received" and you will find your paper there. Please see that all entries are correct otherwise submit again. In case you find any problem in uploading, please send your paper by email as attachment at congress@worldresearchjournals.com. Write name of the journal in the subject when you send manuscript by email. If you send paper by email, then please attach the declaration as well. If your uploading is successful, please do not send manuscript by email as attachment.

Please do not forget to send conference registration form.

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