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Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Vol. 23(2) February 2019

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Research Papers

1. Biosorption of copper and nickel by Sinorhizobium sp. SAR1: Effect of chemical and physical pre-treatment and binary metal solutions
- Jobby Renitta, Vaidya Rujuta, Jha Pamela and Desai Neetin

2. Organophosphate Detoxification using 2-picolyamine derivatives- based Zinc(II) Complexes as Functional Hydrolyase Models
- Mersal Gaber A.M., Ibrahim Mohamed M. and Salih Dalia I.

3. Honeybee as a Biosensor: Detection of a Medicinal Plant Adrographis paniculata
- Manjunatha Devagondanahalli Hadagali and Lee Suan Chua

4. Characterization and utilization of young coconut waste (Cocos nucifera L) for manufacturing fermented plant extracts having potential as natural fertilizer and pesticide
- Refilda, Sabrina Yasmine and Zilfa

5. Liquid phase O-methylation of phenol using K doped ZrO2/MoO3
- Muftah Amal A. and Dagade Sharda P.

6. Exploring the Charge Density Distribution and Electrostatic properties of (1-methyl-1 H-tetrazol-5-ylsulfanyl)-acetic acid benzylidene-hydrazide
- Saravanan D., Kannan A., Ponraj C. and Kandavelu V.

7. Computational analysis of methyl oleate in biodiesel produced from waste beef tallow
- Raghavendra Srinivasan Gokul and Ranjitha Jambulingam

8. Investigating the impact of diclofenac removal from aqueous solution using metallic iron as PRB reactive material
- Tsamo Cornelius, Ndawaidam and Pantoway Jague Clement

9. Spectrophotometric determination of captan fungicide by the phenyl hydrazine method
- Mannewar Kaushilya and Tiwari Kishore K.

10. Batch adsorption study on removal of fluoride from aqueous solution by Darjeeling Tea Ash
- Bhattacharya Joydeep and Mandal Sailendra Nath

11. Adsorption of methyl violet from waste water using activated carbon prepared from copper pod
- Saravanan N. and Rathika G.

12. Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Chicken Manure or Biogas Sludge derived Biochar and its modification to enrich Methane Composition in Biogas
- Margaretha Arnita Wuri, Ambar Pertiwiningrum, Rachmawan Budiarto and Misri Gozan

13. Exploring the utility of glucose as ecofriendly catalyst for microwave assisted green synthesis of Schiff base
- Bedi Pooja and Pramanik Tanay

14. Acute and repro-toxicity assessment of technical grade and commercial formulation of malathion on Daphnia magna
- Montassir L., Berrebaan I., Ennaji M.M. and Bessi H.

Review Paper

15. Monolithic Columns for the Separation and Analysis of Proteins– A Review
- Maelaningsih Firdha Senja, Sabarudin Akhmad and Hasanah Aliya Nur