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Publisher: Dr. Jyoti Garg
Address: Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore, 452010, INDIA

Vol. 14(4) April 2019

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Research Papers

1. Would targeted gene modification cause nucleotide variation in the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region of Danio rerio?
- Sun Yan-Lin, Sun Yong-Jun, Bai Xin-Fu, Zhang Yi-Wei, Xu Tao, Wang Xin, Kee Yun and Hong Soon-Kwan

2. Morphological and genetic variability of Fusarium solani causing chilli wilt disease in south India
- Raghu S., Benagi V.I., Nargund V.B. and Jayalakshmi K.

3. Inference of Phylogenetic relations among some Red Sea coral reef fishes via Sox14 gene sequence variations compared with other teleosts
- Saad Y.M., Shaikh Omar A.K.M. and Gharbawi W.M.

4. Genotoxic effect of Rhazya stricta leaf extract against larvae of Aedes aegypti
- Baeshen Mohammed N., Al-Attas Sanaa G., Ahmed Mohamed M.M., Anwar Yasir, Faragalla Abdul-Rahman A., Ramdan Hassan A., Elkady Ayman I., Mahyoub Jazem A., Alabdali Huda A. and Baeshen Nabih A.

5. Scanning Electron Imaging and Quantitative Spectral analysis of colony growth on Candida tropicalis MGR1, Clavispora lusitaniae MGR5, Wickerhamomyces anomalus MGR6 and Candida albicans MGR9
- Vasuki S. and Suresh K.

6. A multiple pesticide resistant Bacillus cereus PR-2J isolated from paddy field - a potential strain for pesticide detoxification
- Mohapatra Ranjan Kumar, Pandey Sony and Panda Chitta Ranjan

7. Anti-oxidant activity, nutritional, multi-elemental and bioactive profile of Sikkim Himalayan indigenous Chili (Dalle Khursani)
- Khatoon Uzma and Sharma Laxuman

8. Inheritance of fruit weight and mode of gene action for yield contributing traits in tomato
- Chauhan V.B.S., Kumar R., Behera T.K., Yadav R.K. and Verma A.K.

9. Novel mutations in mitochondrial DNA driving the susceptibility of bladder cancer
- Mahmoud Maged Mostafa, Abdullah Layla S., Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud and Yacoub Haitham Ahmed

10. Ergosterol quantification: a tool to measure fungal infection in plant tissue
- Singh Yashaswi, Thakur Ajay, Varshney V.K. and Harsh N.S.K.

11. Analysis of synonymous codon usage bias of Dengue, Zika and Yellow fever virus and their vector - host adaptation
- Mune Anjusha, Pandey Khushhali and Pandey Ajay