Vol. 13(8) August 2018

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Research Papers

1. In Vitro Regeneration in Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) cv. Bhagwa using Double Nodal Segments
- Guranna Prabhuling and Hoolageri Huchesh

2. High-milk genotype Arvana breed camels raised in the Caspian lowlands and Mangistau peninsula: identification and certification according to the profile alleles
- Adilbekova Elmira, Alybaev Nuradin, Esimova Anar and Аbuov Galymzhan

3. Lectin histochemical examination of the mucosal changes in the urinary bladder of rats in cyclophosphamide-induced hemorrhagic cystitis
- Arikketh Devi, Joel P. Joseph, Arul Jothi K.N. and Harishankar M.K.

4. Formulation development and characterization of polymeric nanoparticles of antituberculosis drug Isoniazid
- Srivastava Saurabh and Ahmad Irfan

5. Characterization of morphological variation in mitotic images of five allium species from Nagaland (India)
- Kumar Sanjay and Thonger Tsipila

6. Transcriptome profiling of tea (Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze) during Pestalotiopsis theae infection revealed stress/disease responsive genes
- Senthilkumar P., Purushothaman N., Suganthi M. and Mandal A.K.A.

7. DNA extraction and molecular characterization of Acacia pseudoeburnea – An endemic species
- Dhakad Ashok Kumar, Chandra Anup, Barthwal Santan, Thakur Ajay and Rawat Janhvi Mishra

8. Screening and optimization of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) produced by Bacillus drentensis VIT-SSR3 isolated from industrial effluent contaminated soil
- Soruba Evangeline and Sridharan T.B.

9. Genetic variation analysis in Aegle marmelos L. plants using RAPD Molecular Markers
- Soni Parvesh and Koche Vijaya

10. Phytochemical screening, in vitro Antibacterial and Antibiofilm activities of Alstonia scholaris leaf extract against several biofilm-forming bacteria
- Abinaya M. and Gayathri M.

11. Characterization of the cellulolytic enzyme produced by Bacillus endophyticus N2 isolated from the fermented yellow water of the traditional Chinese liquor fermentation process
- Zhang Qing and Yuan Chunhong

Short Communication

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